Hey Folks!

My name is NovaDelta, and I HATE modern stuff. I also map and make jokes and stuff. I was 5th in command of TFAO. Here are some infrequently asked questions.

Website's still in beta or whatever, expect broken stuff

Can't find the .PSD for the buttons up top. Files directory is here.

Consider it a demo.

Infrequently Asked Questions

Now by Yahoo Answers and urbandictionary!

Who are you?
I'm NovaDelta. Straight from the ashes of Web 1.0.

Your website sucks on mobile.
How about you lose the sass and go on computer.

I'm Google or whatever ad company and I want my ads on your site.
How bout no.

Your website sucks in 4k/anything bigger!!!
step 1: lower resolution

Your website doens't work on IE/Edge!
How about you use a real browser? The only thing IE/Edge is useful for is downloading Firefox, Palemoon, or (if you REALLY have to) Chrome.

DO EGGS???????????????????????!?
Why yes, eggs do
Great question!
Hope this helps

How would you deal with illegal aliens if you were president?
I would send a guy with green armor to some ring and have him blow it up to scare the shit out of them and also make them religeously angry.

What normal activity turns creepy when it's done at 3 a.m. ?
It's usually used to make clickbaity as hell videos, but thats just what they want you to think. 3AM actually has some crazy shit going on. Time travel, mass executions, slope dude not existing, etc. It's like the twilight zone in there.
Better clear my browsing history now that the illuminati is after me.

Whats Halo: Combat Evolved?
A religeous circular object put into an Xbox.

Whats Halo: PC?
A religeous circular object put into a PC.

Whats Halo: Custom Edition?
A religeous circular object turned into a huge ass map. (hugeass.map)


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January 23rd, 2020
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