NovaDelta - Youtube: Broadcast Yourself
0:16 - September 12th, 2022
thank god the source video was 20fps i had to cut out each and every frame and cut the background out in photoshop because my editor has shit masking

NovaDelta's Domain


Hello there, I'm NovaDelta. I do things and stuff. I'll try to update the youtube links on this page but know that that is iffy to do at best.

Thanks YouTube for not having a channel embed anymore >:(

Anyways I upload videos on YouTube occasionally and I'm also a member of Warfname. Specifically in the House of Meta i mean Red NovaDelta.

To do: add "blog"

Website Goals

So here's what I want to do with the website. I want to have everything on one page, similar to NovaNetwork 1.0. That way I dont have unsolvable spaghetti of a website and a billion dead links like with NovaNetwork 4.0. Hopefully this will make the main page populated with actual content instead of random filler stuff I put in for the sake of filler. I also finally added a YouTube thingy, something I wanted to do with previous NovaNetwork iterations.

Website Things. Blogs?
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